Today I was talking to wonderful and beautiful friend of mine who is in the process of helping me with a little project of mine. While discussing the project she told me she wanted to let everyone know what the experience of being photographed by me was like. Naturally, I couldn’t decline such a request because I was also curious, and intrigued, to know from the point of view from the other side of the camera how it’s like.

And in her own words:

Ik had van tevoren nog nooit echt een shoot gehad en ik kende Rachid ook niet persoonlijk, dus toen ik naar hem toeging was ik erg zenuwachtig. Dat moment van nerveus zijn duurde maar kort, dat kwam vooral door Rachid. Hij gaf me een heel veilig en rustig gevoel. ik werd van een onzeker meisje een zelfverzekerd vrouw, allemaal door zijn handelingen. ik raad iedereen aan om zijn of haar eerste shoot bij Rachid te doen, want daarna ben je er aan verslaafd – Sarah

Translated for our dutch impaired readers:

I had previously never really had a shoot and I did not know Rachid personally, so when I went to him, I was very nervous. That moment of nervous lasted only briefly, which was mainly due to Rachid. He gave me a very safe and calm feeling. I was transformed from an insecure girl to a confident woman, all through his actions. I advise everyone to do his or her first shoot with Rachid because afterwards you’ll be addicted – Sarah

You can imagine how honored and humbled I must feel after reading such a wonderful compliment. I don’t know and also couldn’t think of a way to thank her enough for her kind words. What I can say is it takes more than one person to make a good photograph. If it wasn’t for her or all the other people I’ve met, photographed and have helped me throughout the years, I couldn’t have gotten the experience and knowledge of photography I have today. And words like these are one of the many things that keeps me motivated and inspired to learn more, grow more and be more.

Thank you Sarah, for the very wonderful compliment, you’re the best 🙂