Sorrow & Elation

March 27, 2017 8:07 am Published by

We aim to seek balance and equality, in a world out of balance and full of disproportions. And most fail. But is it not in our very core, our nature, to find perfection and happiness. So why do we then stop, and give up. Happiness as I have come to find out is not in the equilibrium of the good and the bad. It’s rising above the bad and looking towards the good. Fight for what you love, be it a profession, a hobby, a person or even a simple thing that you do once in a blue moon.

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So why seek balance where there is none. Seek happiness in what you love, and the rest will fall together like pieces to a very simple puzzle. Elevate yourself to that position of thoughts and release yourself from sorrow.

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This post was written by Rachid de Wind

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